Patient Testimonials

I Got My Life Back!

I have to admit I was very skeptical going into the office at first.  I always had a fear of chiropractic care and didn’t feel it was the right choice.  That was before a friend convinced me to give Winfield Chiropractic a try.  I had a whole new view of chiropractic care by the time I left the office that day….and yes, I even felt like a whole new person.  Now, I regret not making this WISE choice many years ago for myself as well as my family.  I can’t thank Dr. Doug Swanson enough for not only helping me feel better but for educating me and helping me on this exciting journey to a longer, healthier life.  Even though I am responsible for my decisions, he is always there to help support me. It’s as if he’s my coach!  All the staff truly cares for their patients!  We are always greeted by a friendly smile!  I can’t thank you all enough!
I came in with a back that has had years of abuse and now have a back that feels young. Doug has worked with me and set me up with all the important and useful information that I need to continue on with a young and healthy body. He has also helped with my kids when they had ear infections and put them on a quick path to healing through adjusting their bodies properly. Thank you Doug!
Dr. Doug and the staff are all amazing! Dr. Doug does a great job explaining what he is doing and what I need to do to stay in top shape!
So thankful for the help from Winfield Chiropractic! They are getting me back to normal. I as well as Dr. Doug are very patient and determined to keep seeing progress! They explain things thoroughly too!
Dr. Doug does great work! He is very knowledgeable and takes care of his patients. He brought me back from a skydiving incident after seeing 2 other Chiropractors with no progress.
We had been dealing with severe intestinal issues with our baby since birth. We tried everything. We went to multiple doctors, specialists, and therapists. We tried several cocktails of prescription drugs, diet changes, you name it. We had reached the end of our “medical” rope and the doctor had asked us to allow them to do a throat scope on our baby. I was really struggling with that option when Dr. Doug called and said he had been researching our issues and believed he had a remedy. I was completely shocked that he was willing to take his own time to seek out new methods. After just a few treatments we noticed incredible improvements in his disposition and health. After all the treatments, he is a completely changed little boy! Thank you Dr. Doug and all of the caring staff!
I have been going to Dr. Brad and Dr. Doug for many years. Each time I am there, the staff is very helpful and caring. Not only do just I go but I take my 6-month old little boy to Dr. Doug and he does an amazing job. He takes such time to adjust my little boy. We truly see all the benefits chiropractic has to offer a person!